Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Struttin' In Spring!

This cute and crazy outfit could be worn any warm day! While creating this ensemble, I used three different colors:

  • Dried Lavender
  • Neon Persimmon 
  • Soft Mint
Dried Lavender and Soft Mint are both pastel, spring colors. Spring will be here before you know it! I added in Neon Persimmon into this outfit too just to give it a POP of color. Adding a variety of fun colors gives your outfit a unique look. Try it!

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I am very sorry that there was a while where I wasn't posting anything. I left to go vacationing during the holiday, and after I returned home I caught the flu (be cautious, it is still flu season). I hope I can make it up to to you by creating and posting exciting outfits! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Christmas Wish List

*This list does not go from my favorite items to my least favorite items, they are just in a random order.

My Christmas Wish List
My list is really never-ending, these are just 9 of my favorite items!

  • This item is DEFINITELY a NECESSITY! Ever SINCE i saw this dress online, i have been in love with it. It is full of various geometric colors, and comes in my favorite color...Orange!
2. tan leather troopa boot  : Steve Madden
  • I am obsessed with these brown boots from steve madden! For a while, my obsession was on pause because my sister bought them in a different color and i was fuming with anger because i have wanted these shoes for almost half of my life! I couldn't  be on pause for long! soon their BEAUTY lured me back in and they are one of te top items on my christmas wish list!
3. Girls' Gold Button Coat : Crewcuts
  • last year, i found an orange coat on sale at crewcuts for $60! I was amazed, and they even had my size! I decided to wait a little longer until i get it, and instead i bought 2 t-shirts from crewcuts not knowing that the next week they stopped selling it! i was TERRIFIED, but know they have almost the exact coat, but even cuter! I am so thrilled and need THIS coat for my cold trips to new york and colorado! the only down side to this situation is the price of the coat, but i will try to find my ways:)  
4. PERFORATED logo swingpack : Tory Burch
  • I really do want this shoulder bag, but the price is a little EXPENSIVE for me, Especially something this small! I am probably not going to find this under my tree, but i will not lose hope yet!    
5. patent leather miller sandal : Tory Burch
  • These shoes are adorable, but again...Expensive. I might actually get away with the bag and these shoes because they are things that i will have forever! My parents think that i should get these shoes later because  my feet are still growing, but they are not! Why not get them now if i am going to get them later anyway? You also may wonder why i do not have any crewcuts shoes on this list. This is because i am an 8.5...If only they sold the same shoes at J.Crew... If i could fit into the crewcuts shoes, my whole closet would probably be filled with them all!
6. Girard Wooden dolls : Design Within REach
  • Yes, you may wonder why i want childish dolls, but these are not just ordinary dolls, these are girard wooden dolls. They are designed by Alexander girard; made out of solid, pine wood and hand painted. Each character comes in its own wooden gift box. When i spotted these in the store when i was younger, i fell in love with them; i nearly fainted when i saw the price ($175.00 Each)! Doubt i am ever going to get even one of these in my lifetime, but they will always be on my list... 
7. polaroid one-step close-up camera : Urban Outfitters 
  • I have been wanting one of these instant cameras ever since i started loving photography and vintage finds. This has been on my list for a while now...I hope i get it this year!
  • As i was walking in the mall, my sister pointed out this adorable skirt through the showcase window in crewcuts... I instantly fell in love! It has been on my Wish List ever since, and i am really hoping to see this item under my tree! I could wear this everywhere!
  • I have always wanted a pair of shearwater boots, but i could never find the perfect color until i discovered that they sell these on the J.Crew Website. I absolutely love this color and hope to get these boots for christmas!
Thank you for reading all about my Christmas Wish List! Now let me read yours!
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Have A Merry Christmas!

Fall Days...

The fun, Fall days are almost coming to an end...

Before Winter begins try new colors, and express your style! In this outfit I used three, eye-catching colors:

Vintage Kelly [shoes & shirt detail]
Electric Orange [capris & shirt detail]
Neon Citron [satchel & shirt detail]

Winter Is Almost Here!


Boys New!
Fall has not quite ended yet. It might seem like Winter is here, but Winter really starts on December 21st this year. It is still very soon! Be prepared for Winter and the Christmas Holidays with one of these outfits. This is the first outfit where I featured clothing from the Crewcuts Boys selection. 

1. To select matching outfits, I first chose my theme, [winter, cold]
2. Next, I picked out what colors I would use to create both outfits [Festival Blue, Navy, Modern Red]
3. Finally, I chose different pieces of clothing and to use in my new ensemble.

Question, Requests, Details, etc.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dandy Dots

Dots are in style! Wear this trendy outfit on a cool, fall day. This outfit seems very simple, but with this Dublin Green Double-Dot Dress and these metallic shoes and satchel, you will get numerous compliments  on your fashionable outfit. Also add this Girls' Cashmere Pom-Pom Scarf In Navy to your outfit on a chilly day. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chilly Morning

As Hurricane Sandy past the East Coast...

Florida had a few very cold days!

Since I live in the hot and sunny Florida, I am not used to the cold weather, nor own clothes that can keep me cold. When those chilly mornings come, wear this trendy outfit to school, or just around the city. To create  this outfit, I started out by choosing the scarf, hat, and mittens. The selection that I made was not very colorful (Heather Grey, Camel, & Ivory) so I decided to incorporate two other vivid colors (Heather Royal & Tangerine-Coral) to this ensemble. These colors give this outfit a unique and stylish look.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We pray for all of the people that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. We hope you stay safe. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedding Day!

The day is finally here! The bride walks down the aisle in a dreamy, silk taffeta dress from J.Crew. Click "Adelaide Gown" to look at more details of this dress. Also find this creamy,  silk taffeta dress at Crewcuts. With this dress's beautiful details and waves, it is perfect for dancing.  Click "Lyla Dress" to look at more details of this dress.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

School Is Cool: Outfit #2

I apologize to the people browsing my blog. I haven't been blogging for a couple of days. I have been focusing on school and am trying to make time in my schedule to blog daily. Again I am very sorry. Remember to check my blog out every weekend though, because every weekend, I blog away!
Other than the soft blue and navy blue clothing and accessories  this red skirt, headband, and necklace give this whole outfit a POP of color. Adding accessories that are different and stand out from the rest of the outfit really adds a classy and modern look to your whole ensemble.

FYI: Every month, I will post a new "School Is Cool" outfit. Be ready for November's!